Once you have logged in to your Stebby account, you will see an "Add money" button in the menu on the left. By clicking on it, you will have the choice to pay through a bank link and if desired,  straight from the bank.

The reference number displayed in this view plays an important role when paying through a bank. When you add money to your personal account, you must ALWAYS include the reference number on your Stebby account. When paying through the bank, please use our LHV account!

After transferring money, always press the "Back to the merchant" button at the end of the transaction!

The money in your personal Stebby account will not expire and you can use it at your discretion regardless of the category of Service.

The money you transferred did not reach your personal Stebby account?

If you didn't press the "Back to the merchant" button or for some other reason the money didn't reach your account, please send the payment order to the e-mail address info@stebby.eu and we will help you!