Stebby team reminds you that if Your Stebby account is missing Your personal identification code, it may limit the possibility to use the services on the site! The service providers check Your identity document on the spot to make sure the person coming to get the service is the same person who purchased the service. We recommend adding a personal identification code to Your account!

If the amount of the purchased service was not deducted from the compensation account, it is worth checking whether the employer compensates this category at all.

Where can I see what categories are compensated for me?

The reason may also be that the company's prepayment in Stebby has run out. Figuratively speaking, there is no more money in the company's large pot to cover the sports expenses of employees. Contact your Stebby company account's administrator and ask them to add money to the company's Stebby account. An announcement for You will also appear in the Stebby system. 

People's accounts are never allocated with the funds in the company's account, it means that people always receive a fixed amount, which is provided for in the compensation plan (for example, 100 euros per quarter). However, the compensation has no value if there are no funds in the company's account, i.e even if people receive 100 euros every quarter, they are not able to use this money, if there are no funds in the company's account.

Employee accounts receive compensation with automatic charging, but not real money.