A failure while selling a service can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Personal identification code or User's name is incorrect - check the User's personal identification code / name from his / her identity document. If the system cannot find the User with the given personal identification code, it is possible that the User has an incorrect personal identification code in the system or does not have a Stebby account. You can also try to find him/her by his/her name. Be sure to let the User know that they should review their account information.
  • There are no funds in the User's account - it is possible that the User has already used up all the funds on his / her Stebby account for other Services by the time when he / she arrived to you.
  • There are no funds in the User's employer's account - The User's employer's Company account might be out of funds. The User sees the compensation on his/her account, but if there are no funds in the Company's account, the User cannot use the compensation in his account.
  • The service is not compensated to the User - the service that the User wants may not be compensated to the User. Ask him / her to review the compensation plan in his / her account. It is possible that your Service is taxed, but the User is only allowed to use the compensation to purchase tax-free services. The User might have the category which your service falls into compensated, but if it's a taxed service then the User still can't buy it if they are only allowed to purchase tax-free services.