Withdrawals can be made in the Service Provider's account in the "Finances" - "Withdrawals" view.

When making a withdrawal, fill in the fields with the necessary information (reference number is optional). It is not mandatory to withdraw the entire amount and it can be collected as you like. You can change the settings of the bank account to which the money is transferred in the "Settings" view.

NB! Payments may only be made to the legal entity associated with the account!

The withdrawal will be made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the selected package. The Service Fee will be deducted from the withdrawal amount before the transfer. After the payment has been made, a confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. You will see the related invoice later in the "Finances" - "Invoices" view. You do not need to send us this invoice, because the invoice is prepared directly for accounting.

Service fee rates:

"Starter"package - 0% 

"Basic" package - 1.25% 

"Bronze" package - 3% 

"Silver" package - 5% 

"Gold" package - 10%

The more detailed possibilities / terms of the Service Provider's package can also be found in the Service Provider's account in the "Settings" -> "Package" view.