If your company offers you compensation, you can use compensation amount with Service Providers whose services have been compensated to you. Compensated categories are set up by the compensation company in the Stebby environment!

If your company only compensates for tax-free services, your account will have a corresponding entry next to the item "Compensated categories" in the menu on the left.

Take notice that even though your employer might have compensated you a certain category, you still cannot buy a taxed service from the category if your employer has permitted you to only buy tax-free services.

You can also search for tax exemption services in Stebby's search using the "Tax exemption services" filter.

In 2018, a tax credit was implemented, which allows the company to offer health benefits to its employees with tax exemption, but tax exemption services are provided by law on the basis of certain criteria (see the Estonian Tax & Customs Board website for more details). According to the criteria, in the Stebby environment, some services are with tax exemption and some are taxed.

The company can decide itself whether and what health promotion services or sports opportunities are offered to its employees in our environment.

Although the category of rehabilitation includes the services of spas, massages and saunas, then all of them are not always tax exemption services and therefore it is not possible to purchase them for the health care provided by the employer if only tax exemption services are allowed.

The precondition for receiving the tax benefit is that the Service Provider is a rehabilitation doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, clinical speech therapist or clinical psychologist who is entered in the national register of health care professionals or has a corresponding professional certificate and who provides his / her professional services.

If the Service Provider holds another professional certificate (eg massage therapist, lymphatic therapist, masseur, chiropractor, etc.), the tax credit does not apply.

The tax credit does not apply to the health and sports expenses of the employee's spouse, partner or direct or side relative, as well as an employee of the same group as the employer or another company.