The event can be added in the Event Organizer's Stebby account in the "Events" view.

1. Enter the details of the event (name, category, general information, short description) and choose whether it is an individual event or whether the event has different sports, distances, categories.

2. Mark the location of the event as accurately as possible and insert the time of the event.

  • Pursuant to the Tax and Customs Board Tax Exemption Act, all public sports events are tax-free. If your event falls under this description, mark your event as tax-free, which means you need to turn on the "Tax exempted in Estonia" button. NB! You can only tick this box if you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions! You can do this in the "Settings" - "Terms & Conditions" view.

3. If necessary, turn on the registration form.

  • When you turn on this button, you can check the different fields that you want people to fill in when purchasing a ticket. NB! If the registration form is not activated, you will not receive any information about the participant.

4. Add tickets to the event.

4.1 If the event is a solo event, adding a ticket will look like this:

  • Add the name of the ticket, the price and¬†when you can buy tickets.
  • Select the event to which this ticket will be associated with. If the individual event is, for example, "Marathon", then the names of the tickets under it can be, for example, "10km", "21km", etc.
  • "Ticket is active" - turning on this button makes the ticket visible to people. After turning it on, you can specify from which date the ticket can be purchased and until what date it can be purchased.
  • "Registration is open" - when this button is on, people can register for your event.
  • "Limited number of tickets" - if there are a limited number of seats for the event, turn on this button and set the number.

4.2 If an event has several sub-events, the process looks like this:

  • Add a subevent. If the event is, for example, "Multiplayer", then the sub-event can be, for example, "Athletics", "Lifting a Bomb", etc.
  • Once the sub-event has been saved, click on the "Tickets" view and then "Add New Ticket". Enter the name of the ticket, the price and under which event and sub-event you want to add this ticket. Under sub-events you can make tickets for example "under 40a", "over 40a", "Men", "Women" and add different prices to these tickets if necessary.