Stebby runs campaigns both monthly and quarterly. The aim is to help the Service Provider stand out and provide extra value to Stebby Users. Through campaigns, you can increase the sellability of Tickets and highlight your Service Provider name.

It is possible for the Service Providers in the Standard and Gold packages to participate in the campaign. The Campaign can be viewed and the Services can be added in the Service Provider's account in the "Sales and Services" - "Campaign" view.

We always notify you by e-mail about the possibility of registering for the campaign, and we also have temporary information bars to indicate an upcoming campaign.

Adding campaign services

  • In the "Sales and services" - "Campaign" view, you can see information about the current campaign and add campaign services.
  • You can add one or three services at a time to the campaign, depending on the package. To do this, select the Services offered at a discounted price with a check mark and then change the price of the Service in the box in the last column. This is the price at which the Service is on sale in the corresponding period. The normal price is the regular price of the Service, not the price of Stebby. A discounted price with a discount of at least 20% must be entered. Note that you can change the discount price field, not the discount percentage (this will change automatically when you edit the price).
  • Be sure to follow the dates when the Services can be added to the campaign. Tickets can no longer be added, modified or removed during the campaign. You can see previous campaigns in the table below.
  • If you have any questions about participating in the campaign, please contact our customer support.