The Service Providers in the Silver and Gold packages can offer a discount to some companies that use our environment. Discount prices can be added in the Service Provider's account in the "Sales and services" - "Discounts" view.

In the "Discounts" view, specify the name, point of sale and, if necessary, the date until which the discount is valid. You can then enter the company group to which this discount applies in the "Discount receiver" field. If you can't find a suitable group, the company may be hidden from the search. In this case, please contact them and ask them to mark themselves as findable themselves in the search.

Types of discount:

  • Discount percentage - the value determined as a value is deducted from the normal price for the employee of this group.
  • Fixed benefit value - The amount of the fixed benefit value in euros is deducted from the normal price for the employee in this group.
  • Fixed price - a fixed price at which an employee of this group can purchase the service.

"Apply the discount to all Service groups" - if this button is off, the discount will apply to all Services at this point of sale. If this button is on, you can specify the group of Services to which the discount applies.

"The discount can be used infinite times" - if this button is turned on, the employees of the company can use the Services indefinitely at this discounted price. If you want the Services to be purchased with this discount a limited number of times, enter the appropriate number in this box.

Users will see the discount price after clicking the "Buy" button on the Service. After that, they will see a discounted price in the new view.


Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible to add pre-purchased tickets and discounts using Mobi cashier system interface. This option is only available in Stebby cashier system. The addition of exceptional benefits has been developed by Stebby and unfortunately is not compatible with Mobi cashier system. This is a peculiarity of the interaction between Mobi cash register system and Stebby.