The Stebby Event Organizer account can be created while being in your personal account by clicking on your name from the top right and then "Create new group". From that point of view, you can always change the role in the future, because when you log in to Stebby, you are in your personal account at first.

Once the Event Organizer account has been created, you can start improving your profile.

1. Agree to the Terms in the "Settings" - "Terms" view.

2. Select the package that suits you in the "Settings" - "Package" view. Read more about them and contact our customer support if you have any questions.

3. Fill in the "Settings" view with the required information

  • Name the Event Organizer's account the one by which the Event Organizer is known and searched.
  • Under the 'Billing Details' subheading, enter your legal entity information. The company name must match the registry code!
  • The sub-heading "Bank account settings" must contain the details of the legal entity!

4. Once your account has been reviewed, you can add your event and then send your account to us for review.