You can log in to Stebby from HERE.

The Stebby environment can be used as a private individual. If a personal account exists, you can also be linked to a Company account, a Service Provider account, and an Event Organizer account.

If you are already associated with a group and want to change your role, click on your name in the top right corner of your Stebby account and click on the account you want to access.

Regular user account

You can add money to your Stebby account and use the Stebby environment to find the right wellness services for you. If your employer has joined the Stebby environment, you can also use the compensation provided by the Company when purchasing the Services. In a regular user's account, you can fill in a training diary, see your transactions, change payment settings, password, username and choose which notifications you want to receive in your account / e-mail.

If you want to create a Service Provider, Event Organizer or Company account, click on your name from the top right of your personal account and then "create a new group". From there, you can always change the role in the future, because when you sign in, you are first in your personal account.

Company account

When creating a Company account, you are the administrator of this Company account, i.e the group manager. In the company account, the administrator can add employees to the group, assign a suitable compensation plan to them, manage invoices, view a special benefit report and transactions made by employees with compensation. It is possible to add money in a company account and set up a prepayment invoice.

It is required to create a company account if you want to offer your employees compensation through the Stebby environment.

Service provider account

By creating a Service Provider account, you are the administrator of this Service Provider account. You can add Sales Points, Service Groups and Services and bank account information to make payments in the Service Provider's account. Creating a service provider account is free, but it is also possible to choose a higher package, which offers more options in our environment. You can use our cash view to sell services, and you can see all transactions in the sales transaction view.

You need to create a service provider account if you want to offer your services through the Stebby environment.

Event organizer account

By creating an Event Organizer account, you are the administrator of this Event Organizer account. You can add Events to the Event Organizer's account, and later it is possible to export the data of the Event participants to an Excel spreadsheet. You can adjust the dates when tickets are on sale and the number of tickets and how many are on sale.

You need to create an Event Organizer account if you want to find participants for your Events through the Stebby environment.