In Stebby, the services offered by the Service Providers are divided into eight different categories.

Training: all services that include exercising

Events: sports events, public/online trainings, workshops

Rehabilitation: massages, sauna worlds, spa services

Training and nutrition consulting: training plans, nutrition plans

Sporting goods: training equipment, sports' food 

Medical services: clinical psychologists, analyzing tests, health researches

Health insurance services: insurance premiums for health insurance contracts

Other: beauty and other services

Tax-free services can be found in the categories of Trainings (e.g sports clubs, dance trainings), Rehabilitation (professional services of physiotherapist, occupational therapist, rehabilitator, clinical speech therapist and clinical psychologist), Events (all public sporting events), Medical services and Health insurance services.

Once you have transferred money to your personal Stebby account, you can purchase all categories of services with Your own transferred money.

In Stebby, a company can add compensation to its employees' Stebby account. Compensation can be used according to the compensation plan specified by the employer. The employer determines in the compensation plan which category of services can be purchased for compensation.