To make your Service Provider account look attractive and for it to be more accessible for customers, follow the tips provided. A well configured Service Provider account can also help you to be found better through the search engine on the Stebby environment. Depending on your Service Provider account package, you can supplement your account in different ways.

1. Be mindful of keywords

The keywords set on your Service Provider account play an important role on how well your Services show up in search and how easily your Services can be found by customers. Think about which keywords describe your Service best and which keywords your customers might search for. You can add keywords by going to your Service Provider account's "Sales & Services" - "Points and sale" view and clicking on the "Edit POS" button. In the "Point of sale description" field you can enter the keywords you find appropriate. Customers will see these keywords in your Service Provider account's public view depicted in the left side.

You can also check our in-detail guide on how to configure your Point of Sale in our Knowledge Base.

2. Check your Services and Service groups configuration.

Customers will have a hard time finding and understanding your Services if they are set up in a confusing way, especially if you provide a lot of services. Make sure that your Service Group is a common denominator for your Services. For example, a Service group can be classical massage, physiotherapy etc. You can list Services added to a Service group by duration (for example: 30 minutes) or by the substance of the Service (provided by an intern, 1x pass, 5x pass card etc).

Service Providers with a Silver or Gold package can change the listed order of their Services and Service groups. This can allow you to bring more attention to Services that aren't as popular and boost their sales along making them more attractive to customers. To do this, go to the "Sales & Services" - "Reorder services" view. Through clicking and dragging the 3 lines next to the services you can drag the Service groups to order them as you like.

3. Add a description and a picture to your Service groups

A small and informative description next to your Service groups gives a better overview of what your Service entails to customers and the keywords marked down can help your Services be better found through the Stebby environment's search. Service Providers with the Gold and Silver package can add a picture to their Service groups in the size of 500x500 px.

Add a Service group description on your Service Provider account's "Sales & Services" - " Service groups" view by clicking on the Service group you wish to edit.

Customers will see your Service group's description like this:

Also check out our Knowledge Base's more detailed tutorial on adding Services and Service groups.

4. Service Provider's account header picture

Starting from the Basic package a Service Provider can add a header to their Service Provider account. For a header, pick a design that signals an emotion and try to avoid adding text and other confusing elements. For the best result, upload the header in the size of 1020x300 px.

Some examples:

You can find Stebby logos and suggestions on how to use it HERE .