With the Stebby gift card the recipient of the gift card can choose a suitable service for them from 18 categories, be it trainings, beauty services, medical services or why not even a spa visit.

The Stebby gift card is valid for 1 year and the expiration date is shown on the gift card. Personal funds which are are on the gift card's recipients Stebby account after redeeming the gift card are unexpiring.

To purchase a Stebby gift card as an Employer you must log in to your Company's Stebby account.

A gift card can be purchased only with the Company's funds on the Company account in the "Settings" - "Gift card" view, not with compensation funds granted by an employer.

Before purchasing a gift card as an administrator on the company Stebby account you must first make sure the Company has enough funds in accordance with the value of gift cards you wish to purchase. If the Company does not have enough funds, you can transfer money to the company account in the "Finances" view using the "Add money" button located on the left side menu of the screen.

1. Open the "Settings" - "Gift card" view on the Company Stebby account.

2. Enter the amount of wellness funds that you wish to gift.

3. Choose if you wish to purchase more than one gift card with the same amount of funds. Remember that if you wish to do so, the gift cards will not be sent via e-mail and after the purchase you will have the option to download the gift cards as a PDF-file.

4. If you wish to buy one gift card, choose whether to download the gift card as a PDF-file or send it with a personal message to the recipients e-mail address.

5. Finalize the gift card purchase by clicking on the "Purchase" button.

6. If you chose to download the gift card as a PDF-file or bought multiple gift cards with the same amount of funds you can share the gift card code with the recipient after opening the file. If you chose to send the gift card with a personal message to the recipient, the gift card will be delivered via e-mail.

To redeem a Stebby gift card the recipient must first log in to their Stebby acount. If they do not yet have a Stebby account, they can create one at stebby.eu.

1. Ready your gift card code or open the gift card PDF-file you received.

2. After you have logged in you will be displayed the home view of your Stebby account. Click on the "Gift card / Redeem code" link on the left side menu or enter the link HERE.

3. Enter the gift card code in the "Type your code here!" field and click on the "Use this code" button.

4. Choose a service or product that suits you from our Stebby platform.

5. Pay for the service or product with the personal funds you redeemed from a gift card.