When a User's ticket has expired, it cannot be used, reactivated or extended. Expired tickets are not eligible for refunds. The Service Provider will only receive funds from tickets that have been marked as used.

Stebby's team has done its best to make sure that the ticket's expiry date is shown during every step of the ticket purchase process. In addition to that, we send the User a confirmation e-mail regarding the ticket purchase. We also send 3 notifications before ticket expiration - 14, 7 and 1 day before ticket expiry so that the User has enough time to contact the Service Provider and receive the Service or if needed, extend the ticket.

As a Service Provider you will not receive notifications about expiring tickets and you can't extend tickets, if you do not know the User's data and ticket code. The Service Provider can only extend tickets, if the Users notify them in a timely manner.

A ticket which has expired cannot be found in the Service Provider's cashier view. This is why it's important that tickets are marked used before expiry. If an appropriate time to receive the service cannot be established but the ticket is about to expire, you can talk it through with the User to perform the service later on and mark their ticket as used.

If a time to receive the service has been booked and the ticket will expire before performing the service, then the ticket should be extended or marked used after talking it through with the User.