Changes to an event after it has been created are the easiest to do before any users have registered, but will turn more complicated after the first registration and almost no edits can be made after the start of the event.

Events can be edited in the "Events" view by clicking on the specific event and changing the information there.

  1. Changing the location and the time of the event are possible until the start of the event. Registered users will be notified about the change.
  2. Registration form can be edited until the start of the event. All the previously collected registrations will not be changed after the registration form edit.
  3. Various changes such as changing from single event to multi sub-event or vice versa, changing event category, VAT percentage, event name, which Point of Sale is used may need to be requested from Stebby Customer support at depending on whether there have already been registrations, whether the event has started etc.
    NB! Changes might not always be possible and it's good to consider creating a new event instead if there are no registered users yet.
  4. Tickets can be changed, deleted and added until the event has ended. Already registered users will not be affected by the changes.
  5. Cancelling of the event is possible through Stebby Customer Support. Read more about cancelling the event here.

NB! By significantly changing the time and location of the event, cancelling the event or other event characteristics, registered users might be eligible to request a refund. Refunding policy must be set by the Event Organizer. Read more about it here.